On Saturday, 25th May, members or the RCHS committee will be in the courtyard outside 11- 15 High Street in Ruislip .  This is at the St Martins end of Ruislip.  The intention is to raise awareness of the Society and gain new members and members of the committee will be there from 10 to 1pm.  The attraction will be a sale of plants.  As you go round your garden you will have noticed that you do have a surplus of certain types of plants!  The committee will very gladly take theses “extra” plants off your hands.  You can deliver the plant(s) on Tuesday, 21st May if you are attending the talk at St Lawrence Church Hall or you can bring them to Ruislip at 9.45am on Saturday, 25th.

The other attraction if you have children or grandchildren is that they will be able to plant Sunflower Seeds and take them away for free!.  The sunflower seeds have been kindly donated by one of our members.  There are many ways in which you can help – by donating a plant(s), by telling others with children to come and visit us and hopefully to come along yourself to give support to the committee members – who are hoping that the weather will be kind to them.

For further information please contact Patricia on 01895 675481