Thank you to all our members for exhibiting at the Show.  There were 178 submitted entries and some of these were from new members which is very encouraging news for the Society.  The judges were very complimentary about the standards in all the categories.  However one category stood out and made the judge state that the Dahlias were the best he had seen for many years not just in the Ruislip Show but in all the Shows that he judged.  As usual our members transformed the Barn in to a showcase of what is possible.  The animal sculptures, made from vegetables, delighted our visitors and our three young exhibitors (aged 3 to 5) showed that the creative spirit is alive and well.

For the first time the RCHS experimented with a visitors vote for the best photograph on display.  It proved to be a success with our visitors enjoying the experience of voting – careful scrutiny and some discussion went in to the decision process.  The weather has obviously been kind to the fruit and vegetable growers and there were some magnificent specimens of tomatoes, marrows, squashes, beans, rhubarb, potatoes and lots of different types of fruit.  The standards in the craft section were very high and the domestic section always makes your mouth water.

Thanks to the generosity of our members there was a good selection of plants, jams and bags for sale on the Produce stall.  All of the money raised goes to the Society.  The refreshment stall is gaining a reputation for producing excellent tea, coffee and cakes. The hard work of all who volunteer to spend their Saturday afternoon to help the Society is much appreciated.  The RCHS show would not be the same without the raffle – there are tremendous prizes to be won and this time a young girl’s dream of winning the toy dog did actually come true.

The certificates, cups and medals were awarded by John Amand, from Pinner.  Every year when we hold the schools’ competition his firm provide the bulbs for the school pupils to use in their displays and he strongly supports encouraging the next generation of gardeners.  Each of  the RCHS shows have a different feel about them but one thing they have in common is the support given by our members and their willingness to show case the Society to the rest of Ruislip.  On behalf of the committee thank you all.